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Credit Programs for Part-time Students


CLAR 245: Archaeology of Italy

Offered Fall semester 2015 (August 18-december 11)

A survey of the archaeology of Italy from the Iron Age (ninth century BC) up to the end of the Western Roman Empire (fifth century AD). Particular emphasis will be placed on the processes of urbanization, state formation, and imperial expansion and collapse. Additionally, special attention will be given to the contributions of non-Roman cultures to the aforementioned processes, focusing specifically on the Etruscan civilization. The course will offer an overview of Italy's exceptionally rich archaeological record, which includes highlights such as Etruscan tombs, Roman monumental architecture, and early Christian architecture. The archaeological and historical evidence will be combined to reconstruct the long-term development of culture, society, economy, and religion within the geographical context of the Italian peninsula.

Required Texts

  • Kleiner, A History of Roman Art (2007)
  • CLAR 245 course pack

You may purchase the textbooks at Friday Center Books & Gifts in person, online, or by mailing or faxing in the book order form. Refer to the online ordering site for current book prices. Please see Textbooks for textbook purchase dates.

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