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Credit Programs for Part-time Students

How to Enroll

All students enrolling in Carolina Courses Online must register online through the Friday Center, not through ConnectCarolina.

If you are not a student or employee at UNC-Chapel Hill and this is your first Carolina Courses Online course, you will need to pay the New Student Registration fee of $45 along with your enrollment.

Enroll Online

If you have any problems enrolling, please contact the Carolina Courses Online office at 919-962-1134 or 800-862-5669.

Billing for Tuition and Fees
See Tuition and Fees for billing information.

Residency Status

If you wish to be considered a North Carolina resident for tuition purposes, you will also need to submit a residency application form. Note: Currently enrolled UNC-Chapel Hill students who are continuing at the same academic level (for example, an undergraduate continuing as an undergraduate) do not have to complete a new residency application form. If you have questions, contact the Registrar.

Determining Space Availability

For full-time UNC-Chapel Hill students

If you are a full-time UNC-Chapel Hill student, you can see if there are spaces available in a particular course by using the Academic Course Search (under “Resources”) on the University Registrar site. Courses offered through Carolina Courses Online are designated as Section 990.

For all other students

If you are not a full-time UNC-Chapel Hill student, simply proceed with registration to find out if spaces are available.