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Credit Programs for Part-time Students

Geological Sciences

GEOL 101: Introductory Geology

Offered Fall semester 2015 (August 18-december 11)

This course is an introduction to minerals and rocks. It covers major geologic events, such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, mountain formation, plate tectonics, and continental drifts. It also looks at landscape development by glaciers, streams and groundwater, ocean currents and waves, and wind.

Required Text

There is one required text for the course. You may purchase it as a printed textbook, or an eBook.

  • Reynolds, Johnson, Kelly, Morin, and Carter, Exploring Geology (2013), 3rd edition, ISBN 9780073524122. You may purchase the printed textbook at Friday Center Books & Gifts in person, online, or by mailing or faxing in the book order form. Refer to the online ordering site for current book prices. Please see Textbooks for textbook purchase dates.


Course Details

  • Instructor: Carrie Bartek, MA
  • Department: Geological Sciences
  • Credit hours: 3
  • Requisite: This course is not open to students with credit in or currently enrolled in GEOL 105, 109, or 111.
  • View a sample course syllabus.

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