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Credit Programs for Part-time Students

Restoring Academic Eligibility

If you are a UNC-Chapel Hill student, your academic eligibility may be restored by taking UNC-Chapel Hill courses through Summer School, Carolina Courses Online (CCO), and/or Self-paced Courses (some limitations apply). If you are declared academically ineligible, you should follow the steps listed below to start the process of regaining eligibility. Contact our academic advisors (919-962-3449, if you have questions or need assistance. If you do take one or more Self-paced Courses toward restoring your eligibility for a given semester, your final course grade must be recorded in our office by the last day of the official registration period of that semester (usually the end of the first week of classes).

  1. Talk to your academic advisor; Arts & Sciences students should call 919-966-5116 for guidance.
  2. See if there are any holds on your student record that need to be cleared up.
  3. Consider the options of Carolina Courses Online or Summer School at UNC-Chapel Hill. Self-paced Courses may also be used under exceptional circumstances.
  4. Plan your finances to pay tuition. Student financial aid is generally not available for ineligible students; talk to someone in the Student Aid Office for options (919-962-8396).
  5. Check the deadlines for registering for CCO and/or applying for Summer School (apply through Undergraduate Admissions as a readmit).
  6. Ask your advisor to complete the Advisor Approval form for the CCO courses you plan to take.                      
  7. Be sure to complete the CCO registration with the Friday Center or the application for Summer School on time.
  8. Take the courses and earn great grades.