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Credit Programs for Part-time Students

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Online Student Orientation

Whether you’re enrolled in an online course or just thinking about taking one, this orientation for online students will show you how Friday Center online courses work.

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Student Voices Blog

Student Voices is a Friday Center blog that chronicles the journeys of several students as they navigate a semester online.

From Murphy to Manteo

Check out this map that shows how many students we’ve had from each North Carolina county in the past five years. Map »

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Course Profile:
PSYC 1000

The depths of the human mind remain one of the most fascinating frontiers to explore. PSYC 1000 allows students to wade into those waters at their own pace via the Self-paced Courses program from the Friday Center. More »

Study at UNC Part-time

You don't have to be a full-time student to take classes at Carolina. Here's how to get started. MORE »

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Course Limit Increase

New policies allow some students to take as many as three Carolina Courses Online classes each semester. MORE »

an advisor

Ask an Advisor

Friday Center academic advisors will work with you to plan a course of study that will help you reach your academic goals. MORE »

You don’t have to be a full-time student or seeking a degree to earn academic credit at UNC. Part-time learners can take classes on campus, online, or by correspondence. Semester-based and self-paced courses are also available. Distance courses are open to full-time students on a limited basis.

Carolina Courses Online

These Web-based courses are offered on a semester schedule. Class attendance is not required, but students communicate with classmates and their instructor via e-mail and discussion forums. Courses originate and credit is granted from UNC-Chapel Hill. MORE »

Self-paced Courses

These are correspondence or online courses that can be completed at your own pace. Enroll at any time of year; no class attendance is required. Courses originate and credit is granted from eight institutions in the University of North Carolina system. MORE »

Part-time Classroom Studies

Are you a local resident? If so, you can attend UNC-Chapel Hill as a part-time student. The full range of graduate and undergraduate courses is available during the day, and a core curriculum of undergraduate courses is offered at night. You must be admitted to UNC-Chapel Hill to enroll, but you do not need to be seeking a degree. MORE »

Program Comparison

  Method of Instruction Admission Required Time to Complete Course Credit-Granting Institution
Carolina Courses Online
UNC-Chapel Hill
Self-paced Courses
online or correspondence
up to 9 months (start any time)
one of eight UNC institutions
Part-time Classroom Studies
UNC-Chapel Hill